Holistic Maine
Grocery Store Tour.png

Feeling Overwhelmed? Need Inspiration? 

60 min, $75, location of your choice

Try a Grocery Store Tour! Let us guide you though all of the options, making the right choices, and not spending your life savings to eat well! The tips and tricks you learn during our trip to your favorite grocery store will last you a life time! 

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Wondering what should stay and what should go?

90min, $125, Your home. 

Try a Kitchen Clean Out. During this personalized time, we will go through your cupboards, fridge, and freezer. Keeping what we should, donating or tossing what we no longer need. Organizing and cleaning are also included, setting yourself up for your new way of eating with a clean slate! 

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Overwhelmed and don't know where to start? Try this Two Week Real Food Challenge! 

Free, email to sign up (Contact at bottom of page). 

Let me help guide you for two weeks of healthy eating. This is great for people who feel overwhelmed with meal planning, who need inspiration, or who want to get back on track with their health! Commit yourself to two weeks of healthy eating and see how your body responds!